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Aircraft engineering support

Aircraft engineering support

Professional and timely planning is the key to success in any activity. Experts of S7 Technics company have extensive experience in aircraft engineering support, which is confirmed by the Certificate Continued Airworthiness Management in compliance with the requirements of OTAR Part 39 Option 2 Subpart F (CAMO approval).

Our engineering team is ready to:

  • Aircraft engineering support – preparation and composition of Maintenance schedule (MS);
  • Accompany you fleet MRO program
  • Develop and execute special procedures for the order of the Operator: flight, weighing of aircraft and others.
  • Consult in terms of aircraft intake and commissioning, assist in obtaining a certificate of airworthiness.
  • Develop technical documentation according to Airlines’ extra requests.
  • Accompany the reliability program.
  • Assist in technical issues with aircraft and component manufacturers. Working card development.
  • Maintain status of modifications (SB, STC, etc).
  • Analyze and process aircraft flight information
  • Monitor and plan maintenance of aircraft and its components, including:
    –  Data preparation, arranging the status of repairs of the aircraft structure
    – Organization of accounting and storage of technical records of the aircraft
    – Development of technological maps of the aircraft and components
    – Work of the Park of aircraft engines monitoring
    – Development and arranging of LLP/HTC lists
    – Accounting and organization of AD/SB execution
    – Development and support of MEL

We serve 8 types of aircraft

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