S7 Technics
S7 Technics launched the first automated plant for the production of Airbus aircraft panels in Russia
The area of the production area is 42 sq. meters, which will create possibility to produce from 10 to 20 panels per working shift
S7 Technics completed 85% of the construction of the first repair facility in Russia for the repair of Honeywell APUs
The new S7 Technics production site will be opened till the end of 2021
S7 Technics plans to build an aircraft maintenance center in St. Petersburg
In addition to Russian airlines, European low-cost airlines will be a potential customers of MRO services
S7 Technics specialists evaluated the professional potential of MSTU CA students
MSTU CA hosted the "Perspective Engineer 2021" competition, which is held among students of technical specialties

Geography of activities

Holding's production facilities are located in the Central, Southern, Siberian and Far Eastern regions of the Russian Federation:

Facts and Figures

250 aircraft per year we serve
16 years our company is on the market
3 aircraft maintenance bases
5200 number of employees

Our services

Line & Base maintenance
Engines maintenance & repair
Aircraft engineering support
Complex modifications
| Part-21 G & J
Aviation Training Center
Delivery/redelivery technical support
Aircraft painting
Repair of components and systems
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