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Information for Suppliers

General quality requirements for suppliers

LLC «S 7 ENGINEERING» is an organization that provides technical support and maintenance in the aviation industry and the holder of EN9110:2016 certificate, that establishes requirements to the aircraft maintenance organization’s quality management system, and to the quality of products and services purchased and used by the organization in its business activity.

Taking into consideration the above and with the fact that the Goods supplied by Suppliers are used by LLC «S 7 ENGINEERING» in maintenance, the supplier shall meet with the requirements stated below.

Unless otherwise specified in the Contract with Suppliers, all of the requirements stated below apply to all purchase orders.

Any deviations from these requirements must be approved by Quality Department of LLC «S 7 ENGINEERING» prior start of the delivery.

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General Quality requirements for purchase orders

The Supplier shall verify all purchase orders issued by LLC «S 7 ENGINEERING» upon receipt. Any discrepancies in price, quantity, specifications, quality requirements, and packaging or delivery requirements will be communicated to and resolved with S7 Engineering purchasing before taking action on the purchase order.
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