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Engines maintenance & repair

Engines maintenance & repair

CFM56-5B/7B engines are one of the most popular in commercial aviation. Every day they prove their reliability on thousands of aircraft around the world. The engine is the real heart of the aircraft, which requires regular qualified maintenance.

The engine specialists of S7 Technics Holding have been trained on the basis of the Swiss partner SR Technics and already today, the facility of the shop for the repair of aircraft engines at the  Domodedovo airport successfully serves more than 23 power plants per year.

The implemented LEAN & Continuous Improvement program allows the engine shop staff constantly improve and optimize their work, by improving the quality of service performed while reducing the time of engine maintenance and repair.

Engine shop mechanics are ready to perform maintenance and inspection of CFM56-5B/7B engines both on-wing and off-wing. During the maintenance process, the key components of engines  are checked, components are replaced, in order to extend the period of effective engines exploitation.

The only in Russia CFM56 engine shop is a great opportunity for airlines from Russia and abroad to solve the problem of time and financial costs in the maintenance of power plants of the aircraft.

The company’s Moscow Domodedovo-based station has recently launched Cyclean® engine washing, a new service, unprecedented and unrivaled in Russia

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