S7 Technics shares its aero engine cleaning experience with airlines – S7 Technics

S7 Technics shares its aero engine cleaning experience with airlines

S7 Technics’ Moscow Domodedovo base and Lufthansa Technik have jointly held Russia’s premiere presentation of Cyclean®

Cyclean® is an aero engine cleaning process which has been developed by the German company and is now brought to the Russian aviation market by aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) services provider S7 Technics.

Lufthansa Technik and S7 Technics signed their agreement for operating Cyclean® in Russia in the summer of 2018 and, after using it for 11 months, the Domodedovo station has now completed more than 250 individual engine washes, each one benefiting from the reduced time required for the procedure compared with other engine core cleaning systems. The other big advantage of Cyclean® is the possibility of operating it in outside air temperatures (OATs) as low as minus 10°С.

“Before we got Cyclean® it would take between five and six hours to wash a pair of CFM56-5В/7В engines. Now it’s down to three hours,” reveals Andrey Soldatov, engineer at S7 Technics’ engine lifecycle management department. “Another advantage is the lower OATs in which the equipment can be used. The previous technology we used allowed the cleaning procedure with OATs down to minus 5°С, which imposed significant limits in the autumn and spring periods,” Soldatov adds.

Another big advantage in adopting the Cyclean® system is the corresponding reduction in engine performance deterioration rates, primarily the exhaust gas temperature (EGT) margin, S7 Technics has found.

“Regular washes significantly increase an engine’s time-on-wing status before the EGT margin deteriorates to the point where the engine needs to undergo scheduled maintenance. After using Cyclean® we registered a decrease in exhaust gas temperature margins. For instance, for the CFM56-5B engines that power the Airbus A321, this factor decreased from eight- to 5°С-per-1,000 cycles. Therefore the engine’s time-on-wing before it is removed for maintenance can be increased by 25-30 per cent, or 1.5-to-two extra years. Besides that, preliminary results also show that using Cyclean® may, under certain conditions, reduce fuel consumption by almost 1.4 per cent,” Soldatov continues.

At the end of presentation, the participants were demonstrated actual cleaning process of the Airbus A321’s CFM56-5B engines using The Cyclean®.

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