S7 Technics completed 85% of the construction of the first repair facility in Russia for the repair of Honeywell APUs – S7 Technics

S7 Technics completed 85% of the construction of the first repair facility in Russia for the repair of Honeywell APUs

The new S7 Technics production site will be opened till the end of 2021

S7 Technics, leading Russian MRO provider in Russia & CIS, is building the first repair facility in Russia and CIS for the repair of Honeywell auxiliary power units (APUs). The repair base will be located on the territory of Sheremetyevo Airport and is planning to open in the fourth quarter of 2021.

Earlier, S7 Technics received the status of Honeywell partner for the authorized services to APU of 131-9A/B and RE-220 types, which are installed on the world’s most popular aircraft Airbus A320 family, Boeing 737, as well as on the Russian SSJ-100.

In 2021, the most active stage of construction of a new repair shop has begun: internal work is in full swing on the reconstruction of the former warehouse premises into production facilities, where the site for major repairs of the APU will be located. The construction of an additional extension, which will be placed a spare parts warehouse, has been completed. A Test Cell with a set of equipment for testing the APU after repair was also delivered.

In addition to the construction work, the purchase of most of the main equipment intended for washing, inspection of APUs and some types of repairs was carried out. The remaining part of the tools will be delivered upon completion of the construction of the facility.

In the future repair facility, S7 Technics specialists will perform major repairs of aircraft auxiliary power units, which includes total reassembly, cleaning of parts, components and assemblies, as well as their inspection. The unusable parts will either be repaired or replaced with new original spare parts. After the assembly of the APU, the characteristics of the installation will be confirmed on the test cell.

“The new S7 Technics production site will allow airlines from Russia and CIS to achieve the time and cost savings, as they will not need to send the Honeywell APU for repairs abroad. The expected production capacity of the workshop will be up to 50 repaired APUs per year, ” commented Nikita Babkin, Director of Sales and Business Development for the repair of power plants S7 Technics.

Operation of the MRO facility will be carried out under the EASA Certificate Part-145 of S7 Technics.

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