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Complex modifications
| Part-21 G & J

Complex modifications <br> | Part-21 G & J

The image of the airline consists of many details: from website design to the design and quality of the aircraft livery. During the flight, passengers pay attention to the details of the interior. In a carefully selected interior design of the cabin, passengers get great pleasure from the flight, which in turn contributes to increasing loyalty to the airline and repeated appeals.

If you decide to update the interior of your aircraft, change its configuration or install additional equipment, you should contact the professionals who will do all the work at the highest level. According to our own qualified specialists in design and production, we can carry out a comprehensive modification of the interiors of your aircraft, from design documentation development to  practical implementation on the aircraft.

Production – EASA Part-21G
The aircraft components production shop operates on the basis of the received EASA Part-21G certificate (EASA. 21G. 0029). The presence of this approval allows you to produce components with a generally recognized accompanying document-EASA Form 1 (Certificate of airworthiness of the component).

This allows our Customers to install manufactured components on almost any civil aircraft types.

The S7 Technics Component Manufacturing Workshop includes production areas:

  • Soft sewing equipment;
  • Plastic Components;
  • Stickers;
  • Metal products.

The site specialists were trained at UAB “Amikon” Approved Training Organization (EASA Part 147), JSC “CAM&CONS” Approved Training Organization (EASA Part 147), St. Petersburg State Technological Institute .

All components are manufactured on modern equipment, using certified materials that have passed tests for fire resistance, heat dissipation, etc.

We regularly expand the list of manufactured products to meet the needs of our Customers as much as possible.

Our advantages:

  • Continuous compliance with the requirements of Aviation legislation;
  • Focus on customer and customer satisfaction;
  • High quality of the delivered products;
  • All finished products are accompanied by an EASA Form 1 certificate;

Production of components in a short time: 3-5 days.

Design (engineering) – EASA Part-21J
The S7 Technics Design Bureau operates on the basis of the EASA Part 21J certificate (EASA.21J.548). This certificate authorizes the development, approval and release of design documentation for minor Modifications and Minor Repairs (Minor Changes and Minor Repairs), in relation to the passenger cabin, cargo compartments, external and internal structure of the aircraft.

The specialists of the S7 Technics Design Bureau are ready to assist in:

  • changing the configuration of the passenger compartment;
  • development of catalogs of internal and external marking of aircraft;
  • repair of aircraft structural elements;
  • approval of changes in the aircraft livery;
  • development and installation of cabin interior components (electronic equipment mounting systems, soft equipment and plastic products);
  • support for Redelivery checks

S7 Technics testing laboratory allows us to develop aircraft modification projects in accordance with all certification requirements. Thus, we save our Customers’ time as much as possible.

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Testing Laboratory for determining the fire resistance of aircraft interior materials
Specialists of the S7 Technics Testing Laboratory conduct tests to determine the fire resistance of aircraft interior materials in accordance with the requirements of AP-25, CS-25, FAR-25 and DOT/FAA/AR-00/12.

The activity of the laboratory is accredited by the National Accreditation Body in the ILAC-MRA system, Accreditation certificate No. AAC. T. 00243. ILAC (International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation) is a leading international organization for laboratory accreditation.

In addition, the S7 Technics Testing Laboratory is included in the Appendix F to the Aircraft Materials Fire Test Handbook DOT/FAA/AR-00/12, on the basis of which most of the national requirements for testing the fire resistance of aircraft interior materials are formed.

The testing laboratory is equipped with modern equipment that is recommended by the aviation authorities and allows you to test materials in full compliance with approved methods.

The S7 Technics specialists, who carry out the testing of materials, have completed all the necessary training at Lantal Textiles AG, TsNTI “Progress” and other specialized educational institutions.

Within the approved Scope of Accreditation, laboratory specialists can test the following materials for fire resistance:

  • Fabrics;
  • Skins;
  • Carpet coverings;
  • Non-textile coatings;
  • Plastics and films;
  • Textile fasteners;
  • Laminates;
  • Passenger seat cushions (polyurethane foam);
  • Electrical wiring insulation and other things.

Currently, the Testing Laboratory provides services to enterprises in the aviation sector. In the future, the laboratory will be able to conduct tests for Customers from any industrial sector.

Our advantages:

  • Continuous compliance with the requirements of the legislation in the field of testing;
  • Focus on customer satisfaction;
  • High quality of services provided;
  • The test protocols of the S7 Technics Testing Laboratory comply with international standards

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